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Bestie finds for you the best dish and

helps you to overcome the FOMO sensation.

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Semi final project at
Netcraft Academy




Bestie is an app that helps you overcome the feeling of FOMO by finding the best dish for you to eat whether you are alone and too hungry to decide what or where to eat or with your group of friends and can't decide.

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Competitor analysis

It is easy to find apps which provide information about the variety of restaurants in the area, and even their ratings and their dishes' ratings,
but for the problem that I set above - they makes it even more complex and creates more FOMO.

Additionally, they do not provide a solution to the group decision dilemma.



The first goal is to stop the over-thinking loop when you are so hungry, when there are too many options


Find the best

Discovering what's popular and best to eat - the dish everyone raves about

Find the best

Making social decisions

Solve the problem of not being able to make a decision when you're with a group of friends

Making social decisions

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User Flow

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Find the best

Discovering what's popular and best to eat, in your prefernce area and cost by filters.

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Tap to stop the overthinking loop

Tap for the category you would like to eat
(If you are so hungry that you don’t know what do you want to eat that’s ok, Bestie will choose for you)

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Making social decisions

Friends mode created in order to help making social desicions when the situation is about group of friends who don’t agree or don’t know what to eat.

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Tap to select your voting method​

Create group and send link to your friends

Get your friends answers or results and find your ideal Bestie

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Rate your Bestie

Add rating to your Bestie

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Colours Palette





Landing page

Desktop version


Mobile version

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Self reflection

The idea of the app seemed funny to me at first, but the more I dug into it, the more I realized that it has a real problem, full of options that confuse and make decisions difficult, especially when you are hungry.

In terms of design, I enjoyed working on the app, it had a lot of fun and playfulness, inspirations from the circus world, and gambling games that I thought suited its concept as a thin YOLO app.

As I dug deeper, I realized there is one point that intrigues me even more - what do you do when other people are involved in the decision? For example, a group of friends who sit together and each one is led by their own desire. If I were to continue working on the application, I would explore the social decision, various scenarios, and their solutions in more detail.

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